Why marketing and sales team should go hand in hand?

In order to see that your marketing effort is translated into sales, there has to be proper coordination between the two proper departments. The reasons for this are as follows –


  • Your customers see it: Meeting the prospective customers is very important for the sales representatives as it is the main step in the sales process. They need effective information and content from marketing so as to close the sales.
    The first step which marketers need to take towards salespeople is that they need to talk to them directly and understand how they would actually deal with the customers and the various strategies with which they can close the sales.


  • Lead overload: If the sales and marketing team are not aligned it might lead to a condition wherein you might not be able to achieve the maximum profit or productivity. Generally, marketers are able to generate a lot of leads but at the end, it will be diverted to the sales team. When the salespeople are unable to manage anymore leads they get exhausted and those saturated leads are generally neglected.


What needs to be done: The right ways of dealing with such problems is talking directly to the salespeople and understand how many leads they can manage in a week and accordingly, you need to deliver the leads. Before you give more leads you need to nurture the sale representative so that you can manage to obtain the more number of customers. It would improve the quality and you can rethink on increasing the number of leads you give it to sales team.


  • Revenue gone waste: if the sales persons are not ready with the content then it would duplicate the efforts of marketing and pulls them down from important sales opportunities which would add up to the revenue wasted.

One needs to try to build a better relationship between marketing and the sales representatives so that the clutter has been cleared. There are online apps which can provide content to the sales persons so that there won’t be an issue for them to obtain the right content as and when required.

Make sure to inform your sales reps to keep these apps updated so that they can get the latest updated context. Understand the sales persons challenges and needs and work together to serve your customers in the right way. It won’t just improve your business and increase the revenues but it will even provide a happy environment in your workplace which is very important for every employee out there.

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